CNC Turning Capabilities


At Sullivan Manufacturing Corporation ("SMC"), we are experts in the very latest High Volume Precision CNC Machining technologies, allowing us to deliver the highest quality CNC Turning services in the most cost effective manner.

Our American made Hardinge Turning Centers have the capability of programming to the fifth place resolution, allowing us to hold repeatable accuracies of 3 microns. Our Lathe production allows the colleting of parts as small as .062 of an inch to as large as 15 inches in diameter by 43 inches long, affording greater flexibility in meeting our customers' CNC Turning requirements.

Our Live Tooling options allow polar, cylindrical and simultaneous C-axis, X-axis and Z-axis interpolation, giving us the ability to eliminate secondary operations to achieve greater true position accuracies.

Hard Turning is another asset SMC has to offer, giving us the ability to turn ferrous materials during the CNC Machining process to a hardness of 62 RC by generating finishes of 16 RMS or better. This affords a greater opportunity to eliminate secondary outside grinding operations during our CNC Turning production runs.

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American made Hardinge CNC Turning Centers

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